Stand Tall is a workshop retreat presented by Life Therapy with Zita to empower women.

Relax, reset, recalibrate

Discover who you really are through an enlightening, life-changing retreat experience. Here in the hills of northern Tuscany overlooking Lucca, Casa Berti is an elegant, comfortable estate where nature, nourishing meals and tranquil supportive surroundings inspire clarity, perspective and purpose. Reset the rhythm in which you live your life and return home feeling empowered, elevated and self-assured.

Ancient wisdom, modern wellbeing

Zita draws upon skills, experience, and qualifications in Systemic Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Movement, and the creative arts of writing and drawing. Clients are guided to find, accept and love their best self in a soothing, supportive environment.

Motivational and meaningful

Take time out from your everyday and reflect on what has shaped your life until now. By acknowledging all that you have accomplished, master how to go forward and how to nurture those talents lying dormant. Explore the answers from a place of vulnerability and strength in non-judgemental uncomplicated conditions. Through this you will learn how to stand tall.

Honest and transformational

Glow with the strength of who you are. Beauty is an inside job: reveal your inner beauty as you look within. By taking a deep dive, expose hidden treasures and deeply empower yourself as a woman — you’ll find you radiate in a way that others are naturally drawn to, with a renewed energy that will enrich the rest of your life.

Empowered women radiate in a way that everyone can see and feel and are naturally drawn to. It would be wonderful if you would be willing to join us.

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What inspires you to feel confident within yourself? It is a simple question to ask yet one that many women struggle to answer. The difficulty women face in answering this question has a debilitating effect, the impact on society and culture, limiting. Feminism has done much to advance the cause of women’s equality, however, there...
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It is the way that you perceive things and your daily thought patterns that have the most profound effect on your life. By breaking down your limiting beliefs you will achieve your best mental and emotional health. How is this done? Zita skilfully combines thoughtful conversation with creative activity, movement, journaling, supported self enquiry, meditation...
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Our greatest need is to connect and belong. This primal need, this force that pushes and pulls us towards another or others is love. Disruptions in the flow of this love, either through trauma or loss, carried across generations creates disturbances that often lead to illness, emotional distress, addictions and broken relationships. The heart’s need...
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