Nourishing with Love

November 9, 2017

Our greatest need is to connect and belong. This primal need, this force that pushes and pulls us towards another or others is love. Disruptions in the flow of this love, either through trauma or loss, carried across generations creates disturbances that often lead to illness, emotional distress, addictions and broken relationships. The heart’s need to pick up the thread of connection is paramount and sets us on a path to healing. In our attempt to heal, and to find love, we often replay the past creating more pain and suffering. One of the foundations of Zita’s approach with Life Therapy is to see where the flow of love is blocked and to find what is necessary to open the heart, engage the mind to restore a healthy flow of love that allows all in our life to move in a way that supports our greatest good.

Our personal and professional development is inextricably linked, if either is floundering it will inevitably impact the other, no matter what we tell ourselves.

The purpose of Life Therapy is to support you to find a way to live a life in which you flourish in all areas of your life.